Tuesday, May 7, 2013

May 7th, 2013: Hello

Hey family..

Well things are good. I am working hard... Hope to talk to some of yall on sunday! Welp see ya later... haha here are some pictures..

1 We went to the zoo... AGAIN!! haha.. My idea.. La Zona El Frutal
2 Our bapism of Cristal... Shes pilas!
3 Some crazy eyes at the bishops house!
4 Get ready!! When I get back we are opening a stand of Elotes locos... I love them soo much and its simple and its gonna make us rich! Whos in??? 
5 Im sure going to miss this food.. Nothin better then black beans with creme!! Oh GOODNESS!!
6 Me and my friend Mocoso
7 This time at the Zoo I came prepared with my tiger tatoo!! 

Well I love you all and I hope you enjoy the photos.. I will be workin my butt off for the last week!! How crazy it is!! I cannot believe it!! 

I will call hopefully at 230 or 300... sound good... My number is 502-XX-XX-XX-XX.. Same number I had at Christmas!! Love you all...

April 30th, 2013: Im still a missionary!!


Well I woke up this morning and thought well atleast im still a missionary!! I love being a missionary and im happy with the work that ive done!! I love this work and couldnt be happier!! This past sunday we baptized a girl named Cristal. She was a blessing from the tender mercies of the Lord! We were very happy to help her into the waters of baptism!! I dont really have time to send pictures again but.. Ill see you in 2... weeks.. haha cool experience that happened was on saturday the sisters in my district told me that I would also be baptizing one of the three baptisms that they had on sunday as well!! We probably should have had the same baptismal service but theirs was at 11 and ours at 1 so we didnt.. Sooo I had the opportunity to get wet twice!! Would ya look at that! It was fun putting on wet pants for our baptism.. It was a great experience!! Well we are hoping to baptize atleast four more before I head out.. Family Osoy and Lesly and a little girl named gabriella!! WE hope and have a lot of faith that all will work out but we could use some extra prayers!! Also Im thinking of calling this sunday instead of mothers day! I feel like it would be better but i dont know But If so I will call to confirm and then hang up so you can call me back OKAY!!???? If not we will do it the 12th but I feel like it would be more effective this sunday for some reason!! What think ye??? Well I love you all and HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAKE I sure do love you 30 30 30 30 30.. Cool beans!! 


Elder Moon

ps.. Kind of a bummer no one wrote me!! HAHAHAJAJHAHASHHGJHAJAJ oh welll YA ME VOYY!! 

April 23rd, 2013: Family

Hello Family...

I dont have much time but things are well. I am just filled with mixed emotions... I dont really know what to expect to come home. It is kind of a weird feeling.. I love this work though and I am pleased with the work that I have done. I have no regrets! I have alot of time left to continue working hard. Satan is working harder than ive ever seen him work in my mission the family that we were going to baptize this week didnt come to church last on sunday because their moms house got shot at and the mom fell and broke her arm so they were at the hospital all of Sunday... Keep them in your prayers I have to see them baptized before I leave! They are the greatest! Well love you all.. Happy Birthday Molly I love you lots!! have a great week!!

Elder A.R. Moon

April 16th, 2013: Family

Hello my Beloved family! 

The mission is going by too fast. I cant seem to find a way to stop it! This past week was a good week we are working really hard with a great/wonderful family that really need lots of prayers and thoughts. Family Osoy.. Edwin and Carolina. They are an awesome family. We hope to baptize them this weekend or the next. We are really happy for the improvment that they have made. Sunday night we helped them empty a brand new bottle of tiquila that they had. It was super funny but was a big step for them! They are super duper Catholic but thats okay because sooon they will be Mormons. This is the Truth! Catch the Wave!!! Everytime Elder Nelson said that I couldnt help but to think of the family at the beach catch family waves!! haha It was funny. I couldnt help but to laugh! I love Elder Nelson. 
We recieved a new companion but he left yesterday for Mexico so it was only for a week but it was a great time with him. His name was Elder Maldonado. He was from Guatemala and was a kid that loved to talk. A great teacher and a good friend. He will be a great missionary. He just needs to continue to remember the importance of obedience. I love our mission. We are an Obedient mission and it sure is great to be able to say that. yesterday we had to go to the Capital for my companion elder Legorretas passport. That was fun but just seeing all the other missionaries from other missions with vans on with cell phones and itouch Ipods it really made me sad to think of the time wasted by these missionaries. Its not our time it is the Lords time and it really makes me sad. I am no one to judge them but rules are rules and they struggle to keep them. The work is progressing and it is being slowed by alot of disobedience. It is sad. 
Well things are good we are working hard. Maybe not having the results that we want but we are working hard!! Gotta keep the faith strong!! Welp I sure love all of you and hope that all is well.. 

Elder A.R. Moon

April 9th, 2013

Hello Family
Hey Family how are things? Sure hope all is well! I hope everyone loved conference as much as I did! it was super duper i know!! I just love it when President Monson talks about vivian park and the provo river. It just makes me think of going to the Rock!! I always tell everyone how the Prophet and I have that in common! Its super great! Also Keifer wrote me today and told me he and Cody have already been to the rock and cant wait to go with me when i get back! So needless to say i have been thinking about the Provo river lately! HAHA i love it! I loved all the talks but I especially loved Elder Falabellas talk!! it was super great and because I know him!! YAY He is awesome but now he lives in Salt Lake! He is super Pilas.. (awesome) i jsut loved it though!! My last one in the mission. It really made me think and want to make a lot of changes when i get back to be the member and brother and son i need to be.. and Hopefully soon husband? Prospects mom?? Where they at?? Hit me upp.. Im kind of... how they say it here jewed when I get back.. haha. Well the mission is great. We are working super hard and we are finding newbees like crazy! We will hopefully baptize here soon!! We need more prayers!! haha I love this work and well not wanting to come home.. Yet... We will be recieving a new companion today so that will be fun back to three!! More prayers again please!!! I love you all so much and i know you all have great testimonies about this everlasting truth!! I love my family and i cant wait to spend all of eternity with you!! Yeah buddy!!

Words of guatemala that would be good to learn Zach too.. 

Pilas.... Someone who is outstanding or awesome!
Que Chilero... Thats cool
Calidad.. well isnt that neat
Chapin... Guatemalan
Saber... Who knows.. or I dont know


Loves and kissing.. 

Elder A.R. Moon

April 2nd, 2013: Fam

Hey family.

Well this past week went fast. Me and Elder Legorreta are staying together another change.. Cool beans I guess. HAHA We finished the Book of Mormon as a mission this past sunday. Oh how great it is! I love the Book of Mormon so much! I learn so much from it. We started Dec. 13th and ended March 31. How cool is that. Once again reading it has strengthened my testimony even more and confirmed the truthfulness of this Church. I love the Book of Mormon and I hope we all can feast from it daily! 
Right now we arent bapizing as much as we would want. Not really sure why. Sister Lesly bounced on us this past week and went to her moms house. It was Holy week so lots of people left out of town. It kind of was sad but we had a great week and found some potential baptisms for this month of April. I cannot beleive its April. Well General Conference is this weekend and I cant wait im really excited for that and I hope that we can all learn alot! I love this work. It is hard and it does take everything one has but it is all worth it and I couldnt be happier! I love you all and I hope you all know that. The mission has flown by like a dream but yet it is not over. If we teach enduring to the end then we have to do it too!! I will endure to the end.. its coming fast. Well I love you and hope all is well for the family!! 

Elder A.R. Moon

PS.. Pictures??? 

Psss... I had a nightmare that I didnt get to sleep in my room and my bed when I got back... Where are Molly and Jeff Sleeping?? haha

April 2nd, 2013: Re: loves from mom

What a blessing it is to have a Mother and a Father like you two! I sure do love you both and I hope you know that the mission has been hard and it is hard but I am loving every minute of it! I have learned a lot and continue learning. I just want to thank you both for the wonderful example you both gave to me. Maybe I didnt learn much from your teachings because I really I never listened but I always learned from your example. Thanks for all you do and I can wait to see you!!! Love you both so much and I am So grateful for the blessing I have to call you my parents! 

Elder A.R. Moon